Is TZ Insurance Legit? 

TZ insurance is an insurance agency settled in the Charlotte, NC region with 501 to 1000 representatives. Tranzact has a 2.2-star InHerSight Score, given 114 evaluations from an undisclosed number of workers. In Her Sight gathers unknown business audits and evaluations from people for organizations like Tranzact company and offers that data freely to enable working ladies to arrive at better conclusions about their vocations and where they work.

Is it Safe and Legit?

TZ stands for Tranzact. Tz insurance is legit, viewed online at, which is an organization that states they have some expertise in assisting their insurance clients with finding the best lead age and client-securing administrations for their requirements.

As per their site, Tranzact company can masterfully support the whole insurance item deals channel and they guarantee their clients that they utilize their demonstrated insight to act as a guide to our clients’ immediate-to-purchaser deals objectives. Their site says that they can foster start-to-finish clients obtaining advertising programs for America’s biggest protection brands.

They start by furnishing their clients with lead-age administrations utilizing both on-the-web and disconnected strategies, and couple it with proactive help after the deal to guarantee the most extreme application situation. By consistently exceeding their client’s business objectives, their administrations guarantee success.

Our Review

Tranzact Insurance organization attributes its prosperity to its profound comprehension of web promoting, innovation, customary direct showcasing, call-focus tasks, and the protection business. By working in each part of the lead age and client procurement process, this organization says that they have become a valuable asset for significant insurance agencies in the well-being, life, property, and loss fields.

The Good & Bad

                          PROS                           CONS
Growth opportunity and high pay potential Too repetitive
Great training and sales coaching Always linked with an autodialer all-day 
Work-at-home possibilities and inexpensive health insurance packages Team leads always shift without completing the projects
The congenial atmosphere amongst coworkers and management. Long hours and lack of vacation time.


Types of insurance it offers

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Home and auto insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Product liability insurance

What are the perks and other benefits at TZ?

There are a lot of perks in Tranzact. Whether it’s about pay and advantages, culture and variety, or you are interested to find out about the workplace, determine from representatives what it resembles to work at Tranzact organization. The company offers a lot of benefits and pays well.

What is the work environment like at TZ?

Tranzact has a cool workplace and cool collaborators. They give superb preparation and training. Tranzact puts resources into your prosperity. They pay for your permit and the workplace is amazing.

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What are sales commissions like at TZ?

Commissions change much of the time, so regularly that they are not even considered commission; it’s known as a little something extra. Base compensation, work-at-home prospects, reasonable health care coverage bundles, strong preparation. At the point when you get the approach of a ton of calls, you can make a decent commission for yourself relying upon how hard you put forth a concentrated effort.

How is the work-life balance at TZ?

The work-life balance is amazing at TZ. The license and training are managed very well. Coworkers also have a very friendly attitude towards each other and overall the environment is healthy.

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Does TZ Insurance Solutions reimburse for mileage?

Yes, the company reimburses for mileage which is one of the most amazing things about TZ Insurance Solutions.

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