Thimble Insurance Review

Thimble is one of the top online insurance agencies that give fast insurance for small businesses or startups. This insurance company offers a different type of coverage from other insurance companies. The coverage can be of a month, a day, or an hour; it all depends on the individual who requires the coverage for their business.

To be insured is an important deal to everyone because you never know when things go south so you should always be prepared.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, Thimble is one of the most legitimate and safe insurance agencies in the world. This insurance agent is well known. They have a good reputation in the market as an insurance agency. They are so reputed that they have received some amazing scores on the Trust pilot out of almost 621 reviews 86% of them are five-star reviews.

In general, people are satisfied with the service they have received or are currently receiving. So yes, this is quite a legitimate online insurance agent. This is insurance agent services are present in 48 states in the United States of America. This implies that it is safe.

Our Review

By reading the reviews and my research, I have concluded that this insurance agent is one of a kind. Recently I started a washing shop near my hometown and getting insurance from the local insurance companies is quite a long procedure.

I wanted to get the insurance fast so I trusted the thimble insurance agent for this purpose and I am quite satisfied with the service they have provided me. It has many advantages and this type of insurance is ideal for young business owners who have some big goals set. I will recommend this to people who are small business owners.

The Good & Bad

Offer flexible policies for small business ownersMay overpay for policies you don’t need
Scalable plan modelMight experience glitches because of the internet issue
Fast and efficient quote processDifferent agent every time you refresh


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

How does Thimble operate?

The operation of this insurance company is simple its core purpose is to give new and small business owners well-needed support. All you need to do is fill in a questionnaire and you will be set to receive the insurance coverage. There is a standard policy plan for most professions the standard policy plans are alike.

There will be two types of coverage given to most professions one is a general liability and the other one is professional liability. The general liability is for covering some of the general damages like property damage.

How much does the thimble insurance cost?

Well, the cost is not that high it starts at five dollars a day without any deductions and a million dollars in coverage. The coverage of this insurance depends upon various external factors. The most important factors are the type of industry of the business and the place where the business is set up.

Because the industry in which there is a chance of harm the coverage will cost even more than normal while if you are from some more financially stable state then the cost of coverage will increase a lot.

Who underwrites Thimble?

Just like any other insurance company, thimble insurance is also underwritten by a company that is, not Thimble itself. There is a company named Markel Insurance Company. This is the company that underwrites the thimble in other words Markel Insurance is the backbone of this online insurance agent.

Yes without anyone to give financial support in time of need things can’t run properly you will always have to face problems if your business is not insured by a well-known company.

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