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Since its founding in 2004, Staysure has become one of the most successful vacation insurance companies. They provide travel insurance for anyone over the age of 50 who already has one or more pre-existing medical issues. Their headquarters are in Northampton. They not only provide travel insurance that has won awards, but they also provide insurance for those moving abroad.

Standard coverage for a variety of pre-existing medical issues is included in the extensive and basic travel insurance offered by Staysure. There is no maximum age requirement, and each policy accommodates participation in more than eighty different activities and sports. Your vacation insurance, whether it’s for a single trip or the whole year, may be customised to meet your requirements and enhanced with a variety of add-ons and upgrades.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Although Staysure specialises in providing travel insurance for those over the age of 50, the company accepts customers of any age. They cover a broad variety of pre-existing medical disorders, however, there are certain ailments for which they won’t provide coverage. They could also cover you if you’re going to be checked out, but your physician has to give the okay for you to go ahead and go.

The travel insurance offered by Staysure has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. In addition to this, the all-inclusive travel insurance that they provide has a Defaqto rating that is quite high. This result should not come as a surprise given that their comprehensive insurance offers a greater level of coverage.

Staysure ex-pat travel insurance reviews show that within the first fourteen days after making the purchase, you have the option to cancel your Staysure vacation insurance and obtain a refund, without any applicable administration costs. After this time, you are not eligible for a refund; however, the company has the right to use its judgement in extraordinary situations, such as a modification in a medical problem or the passing of a loved one.

Our Review

According to travel insurance reviews, clients are very happy with the services that the site is providing. Most of the users have provided them five stars rating. Along with suggestions to improve the services. In addition to offering necessary support in the case of a medical emergency, they also assist in the recovery of vacation errors after you have returned home.

There are things that they are very strict about such as not withdrawing documents one week before the making of the claim. They are always available to receive calls and guide their customers about everything. All of your paperwork is done very fast without any delays. The large majority of claims may be submitted digitally, while printed copies could be asked for and delivered via the mail.

According to Staysure, google reviews the procedure for its cancellation is quite easy and takes very little time. Mainly because they have a constant online presence, where they provide customers with the highest possible level of service.

The majority of the positive ratings on that different review websites are focused on how simple it is to purchase the insurance, so simply wait until you reach the claims process. There are a few mistakes, but users have noticed regular updates and making the information better and more dependable so that everyone may benefit from it.

The Good & Bad

Pros Cons
Submit a claim online anytime 24/7 You’ll need your policy documents when you call.
Covid Covered Took a long time for a refund after the claim
High Rating The lengthy process of application
Travel and medical insurance are both covered No rates on the website


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Medical travel insurance
  • Single-trip travel insurance
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Is Staysure good travel insurance?

Staysure is a well-known provider of travel insurance, as seen by the company’s 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. They took top honours at this year’s British Travel Awards, and their all-inclusive travel insurance received a perfect score from Defaqto. Staysure insurance claims reviews indicate that Staysure seems to be a reliable firm that receives excellent ratings from both consumers and professionals in the field.

How long do Staysure claims take?

After filing your claim, you should anticipate hearing from us within five business days at the very latest.

Is Avanti the same as Staysure?

Howsam Limited, wholly owned by Staysure, has acquired Avanti Insurance. This purchase is a significant step for both businesses since it will double the size of their respective databases.

Is Staysure just for those over their 50s?

Because something that you live through on a day-to-day basis shouldn’t come in an enjoyable vacation, most pre-existing health illnesses are covered by travel insurance policies. Staysure’s comprehensive travel insurance review on their site shows that There is also no maximum age restriction on their rules, which means that you may get away from the mundane at any age.  Insurance for Seniors above the Age of Sixty.

What is the excess on Staysure travel insurance?

Good travel insurance is crucial for maintaining your sense of security while you are away from home, but rather an excessive waiver will guarantee that you truly don’t have anything to worry about if anything goes slightly up during your trip. The cost of the travel insurance excessive reduction add-on is just £10.75 when purchased via Staysure.

What is Staysure’s defaqto rating?

Our coverage satisfies the requirements for Defaqto’s top rating of five stars, which, according to Staysure’s annual travel insurance reviews, describes it as “a superb product with a wide variety of features and advantages.” You are certain that you are in good hands, with coverage that has won awards and is ready to meet your needs.

Does Staysure travel insurance to cover missed flights?

Having to wait longer than expected for your next departure or connection because your car broke down or was involved in an accident. Coverage extends to both cancelled and delayed public transportation.

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About us

Staysure includes covid-19 travel insurance as part of every single trip and the yearly policy they provide. Staysure insurance covid reviews on google show that If you are identified with COVID-19 within fourteen days of your trip, your coronavirus insurance will reimburse you for the cost of canceling your trip. In addition, coverage for up to limitless emergency medical bills as well as fees for repatriation if you get sick while on vacation.

Staysure insurance phone number always plays a key role in canceling your flights. The price of your Staysure vacation insurance will vary depending on factors such as the destination of your trip, your age, the state of your healthcare, and whether you choose basic or comprehensive protection.

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