Shipcover vs Usps Insurance 2023 [Which is Better?]

ShipCover insurance is often more costly than USPS insurance, however, it provides larger coverage levels and a more simplified claims process. In all, SC insurance might be a better choice for high-value commodities that require more protection while delivery.

The biggest difference between ShipCover and USPS coverage is that SC is supplied by a third party, whereas USPS insurance is supplied by U.S. Postal Services. USPS coverage might be preferable for lower-value products that do not need as much safety.

Cost Comparison

Value of contentsUSPS Insurance costShipCover Insurance Cost
Up to $50.00$1.65$1.70
$50.01 to $100.00$2.05$1.70
$100.01 to $200.00$2.45$3.18
$200.01 to $300.00$4.60$4.26
Every additional $100 value over $300 (for a value up to $5,000)$4.60 + $0.90 per $100 increase-
$300.01 up to $1,000-$5.40 to $15.41

Is ShipCover insurance better than USPS insurance?

Yes, ShipCover insurance is much better than USPS.

ShipCover is a third-party insurance for shipping service that provides coverage for items delivered by USPS, UPS, FedEx, along with other carriers. This insurance often has lower costs than USPS and covers a broader range of products, including high-value and delicate items. It also includes extras like multi-package savings and automatic claims processing.

USPS insurance, on the other hand, is offered by US Postal Services and is limited to items delivered through USPS. Although USPS insurance premiums are often more than SC charges, USPS does provide certain extra services like signature confirmation and evidence of delivery. SC could be a better option.

Advantages ad disadvantages of both

The coverage limitations of USPS insurance vary based on the kind of mail service utilized and the claimed value of the item. The highest coverage limit for Priority Mail Delivery is $5,000, while $50,000 for Certified Mail. ShipCover (SC) insurance provides up to $100,000 in protection per pack, with no minimum value necessary. The claims procedure for both ShipCover and USPS protection is different. You must make a claim completely with USPS for its insurance, which might take a few weeks to process.

ShipCover lets you make a claim digitally and has quicker processing times. Proper packing is required for both insurances to guarantee that the cargo is protected during delivery. SC, on the other hand, has higher packing criteria and may refuse claims if the product was not properly wrapped by their rules. Insurance costs vary based on the price of the product being sent and the destination.

What is ShipCover insurance?

This insurance covers a large range of goods, including high-value and sensitive items. The insurance usually covers the price of the product being transported along with the cost of delivery and handling. This insurance has several advantages, including lower prices than carrier-provided coverage, multi-package savings, and automatic claims processing.

Should you use USPS insurance?

If you are sending high-value products, this insurance may offer the required protection for your investment during transit. It can cover things a maximum of $5,100 for the majority of types of shipping, which is usually enough for several shipments. Its prices can be higher than those of third-party insurance providers like SC, so if you’re wanting to save money on shipping, it could be worth looking into alternative insurance options.

If you want to utilize USPS as the main carrier, USPS might be a useful alternative because it handles both your delivery and insurance needs.

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Does Shipcover insurance cover the damage?

Yes, Damage that happens while shipping is covered by SC insurance. If the product is damaged in transportation, you may make a claim to SC to be refunded for the item’s cost as well as any packing and handling expenses.

What is not covered by USPS insurance?

Soft items like gift cards, tickets for draws, and other products with no physical form are not covered by USPS. It does not include currency, cash equivalents, and securities. It doesn’t include consumable things such as food and live animals.

Does ShipCover insurance cover lose packages?

ShipCover insurance protects against missing packages. If your product is lost during transit and the carrier is unable to locate it, you may file a complaint with It to get payment for the item’s cost as well as any shipping and processing expenses.

It is important to include proof that the box was dispatched as well as the worth of the product being shipped when claiming a lost shipment with SC. You may also be required to produce confirmation of delivery or proof that the product got lost in transportation.

Is it worth it to get shipping insurance?

If you are sending high-value items such as gold and diamonds, electronic devices, or historic items, shipping insurance may offer important protection in the event of loss, harm, or fraud during transit. The expense of shipping insurance is often based on the value of the products being transported, so it’s important to exactly evaluate the price of your goods to figure out whether the cost of insurance is reasonable.

Shipping insurance may give a piece of mind by ensuring that your things are properly safeguarded throughout transportation. This is especially vital for precious or sentimental things that cannot be simply replaced.

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