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We have analyzed all the complaints that verified customers had for Sedgwick Insurance to give you a conclusive review. We have also tested their services to make sure they are safe and legit so you can make an informed decision when buying from Sedgwick Insurance.

This Review also looks at their BBB registration, Yelp, Reddit, and Trustpilot. We will also be comparing their quote and prices with competitors such as CB Insights, crunch base, and Craft. co. Furthermore, if you are looking for information such as their Phone number/Helpline number and email, we’ll provide that information as well.

Is it Safe and Legit?

No, Sedgwick Insurance Company isn’t safe at all for users who are looking forward to getting their home insured for a secure future. The company basically provided everything related to the home insurance which included drainage and electricity connection.

But as per the overall evaluation and rating, the site has been not worth it at all, their prices are not relatively low as compared to other companies. The terms and conditions that they made you sign are really not part of the contract and you would really have to fight for your rights in this way as well. Hence it is advised to avoid hiring their services and look forward to a better opportunity.

Our Review

As per our review and the overall evaluation of the reviews it is stated that whoever has fallen into their trap had always regretted it, you can really call it your good luck if you ever were able to claim your insurance since it is impossible as long as working with them.

They are best in ignoring and you would never be able to have a proper conversation with them regarding any matter. Their customer service is always busy intentionally and you can wish your emails would get seen or responded to.

The Good & Bad




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How to contact Sedgwick Insurance?

Phone number: (866) 647-7610

Email: [email protected]

Types of Sedgwick Insurance Offers

  • Water Drainage
  • House Floor

Can I appeal a decision on my insurance claim handled by Sedgwick?

Yes, you have the right to challenge Sedgwick’s handling of your insurance claim if you don’t agree with the conclusion. Initiate the appeal process by contacting your employer or insurance company, and they will cooperate with Sedgwick to reevaluate the claim.

How long does it take for Sedgwick to process an insurance claim?

The intricacy of the claim, the kind of insurance, and other variables can affect how long it takes to process an insurance claim. Sedgwick strives to process claims quickly and equitably, however, the precise time frame may vary depending on the circumstances.

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Does Sedgwick offer any other services besides claims administration?

Other than claims administration, what other services does Sedgwick provide? Yes, in addition to claims administration, Sedgwick offers a variety of other services. They provide risk management options such as managed care, absence management, disability and leave administration, safety, and loss control programs, and absence management.

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