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UK-based Quotemehappy is a complete insurance provider. Additionally, they provide insurance for your automobile, house, and travel. To acquire a current and accurate image of their service and reputation, it’s advisable to read recent consumer feedback and reviews on unbiased review websites or forums. Their reviews may change over time. Before deciding on a certain insurance provider, always take into account a variety of sources and viewpoints.

They provide house and auto insurance as a member of the Aviva group; this study will focus on the latter. Because this is an online-only insurance provider, you have the freedom to manage your account there. In this evaluation of Quote Me Happy, we go over the company’s background, how their online car insurance service functions, and whether it’s a wise idea to let this cheap cost insurer quote you?

It provides low-cost automobile covers of excellent quality. It accomplishes this by only providing coverage to careful drivers online.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, is safe and legit. The rates offered by Quote Me Happy are competitive with those of other home insurance providers, and it is simple to obtain insurance policies and make necessary changes to them. In addition, this company provides car insurance services and has a dedicated 24/7 claims hotline situated in the UK. For building insurance, an amount of £1 million is offered.

Regular audits of this company are conducted by Defaqto expert rating. A scale of 1 to 5 is used by Defaqto to rate each company and policy. Analyzed and rated factors include cover information, administrative costs, value for money, claim and complaint procedures, and more.

Customers, on the other hand, can share their thoughts on neutral websites like TrustPilot, Reevoo, or Reviews, which provide excellent insights on Quotemehappy’s claim and refund process as well as customer support.

Our Review

This company appears to have made customer happiness a top priority. A rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars have been given to them. However, as all communication with this company is done by email or SMS, it might not be a smart idea if you prefer speaking to someone.

It’s important to compare prices and the features of different auto insurance policies when purchasing or renewing coverage. With this insurance company, you should also think about how you feel about never speaking to someone unless you need to file a claim. The concept of contactless self-service insurance will be annoying for some people, while a completely online service is their notion of heaven.

Since all of the instructions and information were provided there clearly and simply, the purchase can be performed without any problem and even without speaking to someone. Complete your papers online.

The Good & Bad

Quote Me Happy, an online-only insurance provider, might provide affordable premiums due to their decreased operational costs compared to traditional insurers.Customer service at Quote Me Happy, an online-only insurer, could be less effective than at more established insurance providers.
Customers can fully manage their policies online with Quote Me Happy.When discussing technical insurance issues or filing claims, some clients might prefer in-person discussions.
Customers can report incidents and submit claims whenever they want thanks to the company's 24/7 claims service.Quote Me Happy might not provide as many options for coverage as some larger insurance companies.
To accommodate diverse needs and price ranges, the company may provide a range of policy options and insurance levels.Customers who are less skilled in technology or don't have access to the internet can find it difficult.


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Car Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Young Driver Insurance
  • Optional Add-ons

Who owns this company?

To actively enter the online insurance business, Aviva purchased Quote Me Happy. Under the banner of Aviva, this company is a distinct internet-only insurance brand that mainly conducts business online and provides auto and home insurance services.

Though corporate ownership might change over time, and there have likely been revisions or developments, please be mindful of this.

How can I get a quote from Quote Me Happy?

Visit this company’s official website and use their online quote generator to get an assessment from them. To get a price, you’ll need to give relevant details about yourself, your car (if you’re looking for auto insurance), or your home (if you’re looking for home insurance).

Typically, the procedure includes providing information about your characteristics, the kind of coverage you require, any extra features or add-ons you might desire, and your claim history.

How does this company’s driving insurance work?

To determine how safely you drive, the Connect app records your location, driving habits, and phone use for each journey. Based on your driving safety, this data is used to assign you a weekly driver rating that might be red, amber, green, or gold.

Who underwrites QuoteMeHappy insurance policies?

Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited is the company’s name. Your insurance will be handled by Aviva, and you may get in touch with them if you need to make updates.

What makes this company Different?

This company, a UK-based, online-only insurance provider, sets itself apart from traditional insurers in several ways. Here are several features that have historically set certain features apart, even though many may have changed or evolved since then. Here are some aspects that traditionally set Quote Me Happy apart:

Online-Only Model, Self-Service and Convenience, 24/7 Claims Service, No Administration Fees for Policy Changes, Competitive Pricing, Flexibility in Policy Options, Digital Approach to Insurance.

What are QuoteMeHappy cover options?

Car Insurance Cover Options, Home Insurance Cover Options

Does this company offer a no-claims discount?

Yes, as of my most recent update, this company did give no-claims discounts to customers who purchased vehicle insurance. As a reward for safe driving and not filing any claims, you can be qualified for a discount on your premium if you have a history of doing so for a certain period.

The specifics and requirements for the no-claims discount may change depending on your particular circumstances and the policy you select.

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