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Puffin Travel has grown to be among the biggest and most prosperous travel coverage firms since its foundation in 2007. Those over 55 with one or more pre-existing healthcare conditions, can travel. Its main office is in Bedford. In addition to award-winning travel protection, the company additionally offers health coverage for those relocating overseas. Users can learn a lot about puffin insurance on BBB where people have shared their experiences with the company’s services.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, Puffin Travel Insurance is safe and legitimate. Puffin Travel welcomes clients of any age, even though it specializes in offering travel insurance for people over 50. They protect a large number of pre-existing healthcare conditions, although some illnesses are excluded. They might also reimburse you if you need to be examined, but your doctor must provide the go-ahead before you leave. On Tripadvisor, customers gave Puffin Travel a grade of 4.7 out of 5.

Also, the inclusive travel coverage that the company offers has a strong Defaqto ranking. Considering that their complete healthcare offers a higher degree of protection, this outcome should not be shocking. Along with their fast paperwork, they also get you the fastest Puffin travel Insurance claims with one call.

The Puffin insurance reviews state that you have the opportunity to terminate your holiday coverage during the initial 14 days of your transaction and receive a reimbursement, free of any associated administrative fees, according to the Puffin Travel, ex-pat travel coverage. You aren’t entitled to a replacement beyond this point, although the business has the option of using flexibility in exceptional circumstances, including a change in a medical condition or the loss of a close one.

Our Review

Ratings of Puffin insurance indicate that customers are pleased with the offerings by the website. The majority of people gave them a grade of five stars. They not only provide essential assistance in a healthcare situation, but they additionally help you heal from holiday mistakes once you have finally returned. There are some issues they are rigorous about, including not removing papers 10 days before the claim is made.

They are constantly available to take calls and advise their clients on anything. Your documentation is completed quickly and without additional hassles, as listed in the puffin claims. Although hard documents might well be requested and sent through the mail, the vast majority of requests might well be made electronically. Based on Internet evaluations and Puffin Travels, the process to cancel your reservation is simple and quick, mostly due to their consistent internet engagement, where they offer the best quality of consumer support.

Wait until you’re introduced to the claiming procedure because the overwhelming majority of favorable reviews on various review websites concentrate on how easy it is to obtain coverage. There are a few errors, but customers have noted frequent changes that improve and increase the reliability of the material so that all individuals may utilize it.

The Good & Bad

Submit a claim online anytime 24/7You’ll need your policy documents when you call.
Covid CoveredIt took a long time for a refund after the claim
Travel and medical insurance are both coveredThe lengthy process of application


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Travel insurance
  • Single-trip travel insurance
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance

How good is the insurance?

The comprehensive and fundamental travel protection provided by Puffin Travel includes typical security for a range of pre-existing conditions. Every policy allows involvement in more than 100 distinct occupations and games and has no upper age restriction. Your travel coverage might very well be tailored to your needs and improved with a range of add-ons and improvements, regardless of whether it’s for a solo journey or the entire year.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance generally covers stolen or destroyed luggage, airline cancellations, ticketing modifications, cancellations, and curtailments are indeed included, as are any additional costs if your dogs have to remain in shelters or kennels for a few more days than anticipated.

Is travel insurance a good idea?

Yes, in most cases it is a very good idea to get travel insurance especially if you are traveling abroad. The majority of travelers who get travel coverage never need to file a dispute. Yet, it must offer you comfort to know that, if something unfavorable occurs while you’re on vacation, you’ll probably be properly protected. Although most insurance doesn’t cost a lot, it’s typically worthwhile to make the monthly payments, even if only to have some monetary security.

What is the difference between trip and travel insurance?

Healthcare expenditures, including physician or emergency room visits, health treatment, and rehabilitation, are covered by travel insurance coverage While the cost of intercontinental or regional travel may be covered by trip coverage.

Does travel insurance cover airline cancellations?

Yes, ordinary traveling coverage usually includes flight cancellation coverage, but if it isn’t sufficient for your requirements, you may get specialized revocation coverage as an add-on or as an independent product. Certain principal creditors, their spouses, and a maximum of two flying partners are eligible for trip disruption insurance.

This is only applicable while vacationing and for journeys that are cut short owing to an insured user’s accident, sickness, or fatality, as well as providing the easiest insurance claim form.

Can you cancel your travel insurance and get a refund?

Yes, you may terminate your traveling coverage at any moment for any reason. But, the withdrawal should take place during a policy’s “Funds Back Guaranteed” term to be eligible for a refund. A traveler can get in touch with their supplier immediately to discontinue insurance.

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