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Insurance made through the post office for purposes of traveling and other financial deals can be inefficient and inconvenient at times. Post office insurance covers the budget while traveling and its purpose should be to maintain the comfort of providing support and direct them to better choices. But most people after using post office insurance, have complained a lot about poor service which usually costs them more than they planned.

However, the insurance policy has different levels of travel options depending on the purpose of traveling and the places that you pick. The insurance policy might provide free service for kids under 18 and it potentially covers and calculates the cost of traveling and adjusting to a different place.

The whole purpose of having travel insurance is to make sure the finance is covered if they have to travel for a serious reason. Is the post office good for travel insurance? well, the answer is that it depends on everyone’s personal experience but most people don’t prefer getting their travel insurance from the post office because the service is very slow and irresponsible.

Is it Safe and Legit?

No, it is not safe nor very good. All the people that have used the post office as their travel insurance rated the service very poorly and barely gave it a one star. 9 out of 10 people had a very bad experience in terms of getting the much-needed service. One of the basic proof of their irresponsible behavior is that they have not answered or responded to any of the negative comments given by customers.

They don’t answer and resolve an issue instead they redirect you to different services if they cannot handle the situation. Some complaints were also about charging their credit card with money that they were never allowed to spend. Post office insurance charges people for something that they didn’t approve and when the customers complain, it gets rejected and keeps them on hold for years.

None of the people recommend after having a bad experience and it’s a total scam. Are all the reviews positive or negative? Most of the reviews are on the negative side and some even refused to give one star for their service. After looking at the rating of the post office, there is hardly any chance people would use it for their travel insurance.

Our Review

Post office annual travel insurance reviews show that the chances of availing their service are decreasing every year and people are leaving negative comments about their experience. Horrible stories of people gaining in-depth and being lied to by customer service prove that the company should be avoided at all costs. People start getting bills after years of accidents or medical treatments and if you complain about it there is no response from their side.

People giving post office core travel insurance reviews are all about warning other people to avoid the scam of a company at all costs because they charge the users way too much for medical issues and emergencies. The complaints are not received by the company and they do not respond with positive feedback. None of the customers are satisfied and leave negative remarks on their website and app reviews.

Post office COVID travel insurance review by customers was just as unsatisfactory and it was filled with complaints that were mostly about unexplained extra charges cut from their credit cards. Even the process of resetting passwords is problematic along with poor customer service.

The Good & Bad

Covers financial responsibilityunnecessary charges
providing loansBad customer service
directing to transport serviceDoes not resolve the problem


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

Is it worth claiming travel insurance?

This travel insurance review given by previous customers is sometimes positive and sometimes negative as it depends on their personal experience but it’s worth giving it a try because there is no guarantee that there won’t be any problem during your travel holiday. To make sure that your safety is covered, you might want to claim travel insurance.

Is the post office any good for travel insurance?

No, the post office might not be the best option for travel insurance as you can check the post office insurance rating given by customers is very poor and with that in mind, we would not recommend the company as a first option.

Does post office travel insurance cover cancellation?

It depends on the situation and the reason behind the cancellation. People have complained multiple times about getting charged for canceled plans and the travel insurance complaints e-mail is being sent by customers but the response is delayed.

What is usually covered by travel insurance?

Any travel insurance should be reliable when it comes to covering medical issues, accidental illness, or cancellation of plans due to unforeseen reasons. It should also cover the transport need in an emergency or During desperate events.

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