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Users of the Otto platform are given the ability to conduct an online comparison of various insurance quotations. It does not offer either regular or non-standard financial protection. In addition, there is no such thing as a typical Otto vehicle insurance premium. Instead, you are required to fill out a brief online form that is available mostly on Otto’s webpage.

After you have submitted the form, it will provide you rates from several different actual vehicle insurance companies according to the details that you provided. You are limited in your ability to choose the organizations whose quotes you get, much like other online quotation comparison services. The prices that are provided to you on the internet are not guaranteed, even though the website promises that you will obtain quotations in as little as thirty seconds.

Instead, you will establish a connection with an agent who represents the firm in which you are most interested. You will often be required to furnish the vehicle insurance provider with extra personal details. After that, an exact and complete price estimate will be sent to you. This is standard behavior for many of the websites that compare prices online. To our great fortune, using OTTO does not cost anything.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Otto insurance is a genuine business, even though it works with many partners that are not insurance related. If you provide Otto access to your details and they share it with other businesses, you can get phone calls or emails from businesses that don’t provide insurance. This implies that when you supply your information, Otto will share it with the marketing partners it works with.

Major insurance companies including Prudential, Geico, and National Farm are among the companies that work with this company as partners. Additionally, regional carriers and several other marketing organizations may be found on its partner list. To put it another way, if you make an online application for an estimate, you can get a lot of calls, messages, and emails in response to your inquiry.

It states that only a select number of personnel are allowed access to your information as well as that a combination of security procedures and technology safeguards the data. Is Otto’s insurance good? Otto also mentions that each of its partners has its confidentiality and safety policies, however, the particulars of these policies will differ from one another.

This is significant since respectable websites that provide online quotes do not ever charge their users any fees. The Better Business Bureau does not recognize this Insurance company as an approved business. Otto’s platform may give the impression that it is working in favor of consumers, but in reality, it is meant to gather information for customer acquisition in favor of insurance providers.

Our Review

Talking about the Otto home insurance reviews, which have received just one of five stars and have the average rating that users have given the firm on Facebook, these reviews are collected and displayed on various sites. The fact that the business Otto exchanges your details with other people which isn’t acceptable at all and rising approaches regarding this is probably one of the biggest common and noticeable concerns that can be found within reviews of Otto.

In most cases, this will result in an overwhelming number of unwanted junk calls and emails. In Otto’s customer reviews, several customers have listed their dissatisfaction with the fact that Otto ultimately led them to their specific insurance carriers, where they were provided with estimates that were much more costly than the premiums they were already paying.

In point of fact, despite Otto’s statement that it would simplify the process of comparing various prices, it will only provide you with a very limited number of estimates, if available at all. For Otto car insurance reviews, you will most likely be routed toward the third-party sites of insurance companies operating in your region, each of which you will need to talk to individuals to get an actual personalized estimate.

We will not provide you with any kind of preferences for this site and its services. Though many reviewers have stated that their information is transferred to a legitimate insurance company in the market. Users also complain about receiving many unwanted calls and emails, as well as getting threatened to get their insurance plan canceled if they don’t pick up every call and respond to each email.

The Good & Bad

Pros Cons
Easy to use Not an insurance company
Free to use Little information is available about the company
Connects you with thousands of affiliates Doesn’t quote prices
Offers quotes for car, pet, home, and life insurance Shares your information with insurance agents, so you may receive many calls and emails


Here are some complaints about Otto’s insurance

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Pet insurance.
  • Home insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Car Insurance

Who is Otto insurance owned by?

Joshua Keller serves as both the CEO and the owner of Otto.

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Is Otto’s insurance Legal?

Even though Otto is a respectable business, it isn’t an insurance provider. It is a website for the development of leads that links customers with various insurance companies and agents. The Otto rating is average. The organization advertises that it can give quotations for several types of insurance, including life, house, as well as pet insurance in addition to vehicle insurance rates.

When was Otto insurance founded?

Otto Group, which was first established in 1923, is a company that specializes in providing consumers in Central Ohio comprehensive insurance for their homes, automobiles, and businesses. Since it was founded, this company has seen tremendous expansion, and it has expanded to the point where it now represents around 30 insurance firms and employs more than Fifty specialist advisers.

What is Otto Auto?

The OTTO Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) automate typical material handling operations, whether they are large or little, to assist manufacturers in overcoming workforce shortages, scaling their businesses, and outperforming the competition.

Does Uber own Otto?

Otto was bought by Uber in Aug 2016, and the purchase price was rumored to be about $680 million. Thus according to Lior, Otto planned to maintain its autonomy concerning Uber. Anthony Levandowski should keep his position as the CEO of Otto in addition to directing Uber’s efforts in the area of autonomous driving.

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How does Otto Insurance make money?

According to Otto the otter insurance reviews, as a lead-generation firm, Otto undoubtedly generates money when it pairs customers with service providers. Therefore, for example, Otto may be eligible to collect a commission if a customer files a quotation request via Otto and then obtains coverage from one of Otto’s partner insurers.

What should I not tell the insurance company?

According to Otto pet insurance reviews, do not provide your insurance provider with any details or phone numbers for other people, especially members of your relatives or friends, or even your physician. There is a possibility that insurance companies may attempt to get in touch with these persons to collect further details regarding the incident and your recuperation.

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