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Napo is a brand that is just getting started offering insurance for pets. It has a primary emphasis on providing guidance and the availability of services that will assist in the prevention of medical issues that might lead to claims being filed.

When you cover more than one pet using Napo, you are eligible for a reduction of 15% off each additional pet. You are not limited in any way in your ability to choose individualized protection levels for each of your pets.

Is it Safe and Legit?

In general, coverage is available for the majority of animals that are 8 weeks old or more, and you have the freedom to choose any licensed veterinarian you want. Plans that cover both sickness and accidents typically have a monthly premium of around $51 for dogs and $31 for cats. Some insurance plans reimburse up to 90 or maybe 100 % of the value of covered medical procedures and treatments, which may result in considerable cost savings for patients.

A discount of up to 5% is available to customers who use the Napo Insurance discount code. The purchase of any kind of insurance, even insurance for your pet, may bring about a sense of relief. It breaks my heart to see families struggle with the decision of whether or not we can afford to provide medical care for their beloved pets. Napo insurance has received an amazing 4.6 rating out of 5 stars based on 720 customer reviews posted on Trustpilot.

Our Review

Reviews from a variety of websites indicate that they are providing excellent service to their customers, as stated by Napo Insurance UK reviews. They are extremely helpful at everything and help you get down with every stage and likewise play an important role in providing excellent service to the clients. Based on people’s first experiences they have highly recommended the services of Napo insurance company.

Excellent cost, as well as protection, for two canine companions. The procedure of claiming Napo Insurance has always been very easy and nothing complicated. Things are very straightforward and the staff is available to serve you at any moment. They take no longer than 5 days to get done with the claim. Although you can’t tell how wonderful an insurance business is until you’ve had to file a claim; nevertheless, their professional behavior proves that they are the best in their field and treat you more than a friend.

According to many customers they have stated that their pet was handled with great care and got the most comfortable environment. The regular meetings are very scheduled and never late since they treat pets with high care which is why they share regular reports with the pet owners.

All kinds of queries and confusions are answered with calls and emails which are done as soon as possible as per the reviews, the probability of negative reviews is very low hence you can trust this site with confidence.

The Good & Bad

Pros Cons
No penalty for claiming If your pet is older and has had multiple surgeries or a chronic issue, pet insurance won’t do much
Cover for congenital, hereditary, and behavioral conditions if your pet develops a chronic condition while covered, the company could drop your coverage
90% of claims are paid in 5 working days If you enroll, you may have to front the money for veterinary bills
Fully online claims will offer low premiums


Here are some complaints about Napo Pet Insurance

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Pet Insurance
  • Cat Insurance

Is it worth shopping around for pet insurance?

If you keep the same insurance coverage for the whole of your pet’s life, you will almost certainly wind up spending thousands of dollars on premiums. Remember that these are just some example data from one pet insurance business operating in one ZIP code. Because the price you pay will depend on you, it is in your best interest to compare prices.

Who underwrites Napo’s pet insurance?

Napo is a brand that is just getting started offering insurance for pets. It has a primary emphasis on providing guidance and access to facilities that will assist in the prevention of the medical issues that might lead to claims being filed. Napo Pet insurance underwriters by General Insurance Co. Ltd. would be the company that provides coverage for it, and its headquarters are in London.

Does Napo cover pre-existing conditions?

We can provide coverage for any pre-existing illnesses as far as your dog does not have any symptoms, has been treated, has taken any medication for, or sought advice on the illness during the last twenty-four months.

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Does all pet insurance go up with age?

Although the majority of firms that provide insurance for pets do boost the costs as the pet gets older.

Do animal friends payout?

If you choose to pay using Direct Debit, we must deposit the funds for your claims into the same bank that your payment was taken from. If you want to pay using a method different than the one specified on the claimed form, you will be required to designate an account and submit the relevant information.

We can make the necessary arrangements to pay your veterinarian directly, or we may manage to reimburse you for any qualified expenditures that you have already incurred.

What type of dog insurance is best?

Because these sorts of plans contain restrictions that are subject to annual renewal, lifetime cover is considered to be the finest form of dog insurance. The protection provided by renewing limitations extends throughout your pet’s life and is effective against ailments that are chronic or seasonal.

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Does pet insurance get more expensive with age?

The process of claiming an insurance policy for an older pet is identical to the one used for younger animals. The primary difference is in the cost. The cost of purchasing pet insurance for elderly dogs and cats is often higher due to the increased likelihood that they may need medical attention.

More about Napo Pet Insurance

If you insure all of your animals under the same policy, not only will each of them get the coverage that is appropriate for them, but you will also enjoy cost savings for the Napo insurance quote. To get your discount for having many pets, all you need to do is request a quotation and add more pets while you’re getting it. As your pet grows older and isn’t in as good of condition, the yearly premiums for pet insurance plans, such as Napo’s, go up a little bit.

Now, the impact that a claim will have on that rise will be determined by the sort of claim that is made. If you file a claim for something like an isolated accident, your premiums will most likely not go up. If you claim anything that has the potential to have long-term effects, such as heart problems, then the answer is that there will likely be a rise.

From how to claim Napo insurance to get it done, there is a very simple method for claiming you just have to fill out the claim form in about five to seven minutes then an email from Napo is sent to your vet clinic.

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