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Marshmallow only provides coverage for comprehensive auto insurance, but it does so in two different tiers: the first is known as Marshmallow Essential, while the second is known as Marshmallow Plus. Marshmallow Essential costs a fee of £25 to make changes to your insurance, and it does not provide coverage for your goods, built-in sound systems, or windscreen.

Marshmallow provides its users with an app that allows them to view all of the data of their accounts as well as an online chat facility that can be used to communicate with Marshmallow’s customer support staff. However, the firm does not have a customer care phone line, thus the only way to get in touch with them is via the live chat feature on their website although they do have a claims line that is open around the clock.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Marshmallow, an insurance company located in the United Kingdom, was founded in 2017 to provide insurance to those who are not covered by other companies. In this particular scenario, this referred to providing comprehensive auto insurance for expatriates or immigrants from other countries who were residing in the UK and wanted to settle down, but who could not have a payment background in the UK or even a permit in the UK.

It now offers complete coverage to drivers who were born in the UK and are between the ages of 21 and 75. Additionally, the company can give coverage to those individuals who only have a temporary licence in addition to those who have full licences. Is Marshmallow legit? According to Trustpilot’s aggregate user ratings, Marshmallow receives 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, which is considered to be a “good” rating.

The whole of Marshmallow’s insurance packages provides the greatest possible level of protection, known as fully comprehensive coverage. They provide insurance for automobiles and vans, as well as protection for students and those living abroad. Who is Marshmallow underwritten by? Marshmallow Ltd. which has its headquarters in Gibraltar and is licenced by the Gibraltar Economic Services Authority is the company that is responsible for underwriting the policies.

Our Review

According to Marshmallow Car Insurance reviews on different sites show that there are a lot of positive reviews that mention the excellent customer service and cheap costs, but there are also some negative reviews that mention the difficulties in obtaining a car, the misunderstandings and failures that have been challenging to sort out because the company does not provide instant help, and the cancellation fees that can go up to £75.

The procedure for making a claim is somewhat difficult. The users have also stated that they never received a callback or any response after they filed a claim. Customers’ personal experiences have been very bad since they had to wait too long. When asked by the workers of the company if Marshmallow is good insurance, many stated that working with them has to be one the best decision they ever made since they treat the workers in the best possible way.

Coming back to customers which also stated that once they are told to wait for the claiming department to reach them it takes around months for that purpose and none of the work is done with care. In greed of getting more customers, they have ruined their services along with their reputation as well. Make sure to go through the reviews once you get the company you feel to proceed your application with.

The Good & Bad

Pros Cons
Potentially a good option if you don’t have much of a UK credit history or a UK driving licence No customer service phone line
App and online live chat facility Cancellation fees of up to £75
View your policy details in your account Some policies are underwritten by a company that’s not regulated in the UK
4.5 rating on Trustpilot Only comprehensive insurance


Here are some complaints about this insurance

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Car Insurance
  • Van Insurance

Who owns Marshmallow insurance?

Clients who are normally neglected by the insurance industry, such as immigrants and ex-pats, seem to be the primary focus of this firm, which was established in 2017 by twin brothers Oliver and Alexander.

Is Marshmallow an insurer?

We are an insurance firm that is heavily reliant on technology. We are creating our policies, establishing our platforms, and figuring out innovative methods to ensure individuals who have been denied coverage elsewhere provide a perfect service to our customers.

How long does Marshmallow insurance take?

Inside your Marshmallow account is where you’ll locate the claims number that corresponds to your policy. However, in most cases, payouts will take somewhere from two weeks to four weeks as from the point at which the settlement agreement has been agreed upon. The length of time requires for the allegation to be handled depends on several factors, such as the claim’s nature. and the circumstances surrounding it.

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How many customers does Marshmallow insurance have?

Many people ask whether Marshmallow is a good insurance company or not. Marshmallow has already subscribed to more than 100,000 clients, and the company intends to introduce further goods and grow across Europe.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak spurred a movement in customer behaviour toward online services, there has been a boom of development this year in the industry for insurance technology, sometimes known as insurtech.

Can I cancel my Marshmallow insurance?

Cancelling your insurance coverage will cost you a total of £25 if you do so during the last 14 days before your policy is scheduled to begin. If you cancel your policy after it has been in effect for 14 days, you would be charged a termination fee of £50. In the very unlikely event that we are required to withdraw a policy, we reserve the right to retain an administrative fee of up to £75.

Can I drive someone else’s car Marshmallow?

Marshmallow Plus membership is required to take the wheel of another person’s vehicle. While you have Marshmallow Plus coverage, the coverage you get for driving other vehicles is limited to the third party alone, and extra drivers are not covered.

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Do you get a refund if you cancel your insurance?

Unless you’ve paid for your whole year’s worth of vehicle insurance premiums in advance, you probably won’t be eligible for a refund if you opt to terminate your plan or if your health insurer does so for you.

Why Do they help?

Additionally, it does not provide coverage for medical fees or backup in the event of an accident. Why is this insurance so cheap? Because Marshmallow created its processes and developed its plans, it can provide more affordable auto and commercial vehicle insurance to everyone.

Maybe you have a poor credit score and discover that many insurers charge you for this, perhaps you are an ex-pat who does not have a driving license from the United Kingdom and you find that you have to pay more for your insurance because of this. Marshmallow is confident that its insurance is cheap for everyone, despite the existence of conditions such as this.

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