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ManyPets is a popular pet service that provides its customers with various treatment and insurance plans to help their pets. ManyPets is a new pet insurance service but it is certainly rising to the top to become the best one out of all of them. ManyPets offers insurance coverage for various illnesses for your pets and it also offers very fair pricing for their plans.

Because it is a new insurance service, Many Pets insurance states are not available in every state of the US currently. One surprising thing about ManyPets is that it offers reduced waiting periods to those people who leave other pet insurance providers and come to ManyPets. Many Pets claim that its services are far better than all others and the good reviews on Yelp suggest so.

Many Pets claims cover various conditions and illnesses such as surgery, emergency care, specialized exams, X-Ray, blood tests, Ultrasound, MRI, cancer, chronic diseases, behavioral issues, prescription medications, dental treatments, and much more. However, some of these conditions may have some limitations which may make your pet ineligible for a claim.

Is it safe and legit?

Yes, the site and company are completely secured and licensed, providing the most reliable insurance. The many pets insurance customer service is amazing and very helpful. Many Pets has only been running in the US since March of 2021 and have already made its name known amongst many people. There are many reasons why many people consider ManyPets when looking for pet insurance.

The service has received many positive reviews from people who have purchased pet dog insurance. People have also posted many pet cat insurance reviews that discussed their experience with the cat insurance that they purchased. You can find a lot of many pets pet insurance reviews on Trustpilot where people have posted many reviews about the company’s reliability.

From my own experience with ManyPets, I can say that you should visit them to discuss their insurance plans. You can check reviews for ManyPets yourself too if you want to know if it is legit or a scam. You can try out their service and if you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime and get your money back.

Our reviews

After conducting my research and considering my own experience with ManyPets, I can not recommend them enough. One review from a customer about ManyPets states: “When I had just bought a dog, I started to look into insurance for it and when I found out about ManyPets, I decided to purchase the insurance from them and was happy with the service”.

Another review states that “I purchased insurance for my dog and ManyPets was able to process my claim very quickly”. Not only is ManyPets reliable like other pet insurance services, but it also offers fair prices to its customers and if you are still unsatisfied with their service, you can get a refund very quickly. Many pet insurance reviews on Yelp help people to know that the company is legit and a good insurance provider and the many pets insurance customer service is very responsive.

Many Pets allows customers to purchase a pet wellness plan in addition to the health insurance policy plan. Both these coverages may cost you more than you like but it also doesn’t come without its benefits. This coverage will offer you various services such as dental cleanings, annual exams, vaccinations, flea, tick prevention, heartworm, and treatments for anxiety and stress. This coverage will cost you about $150 a year on average but it is worth it. This coverage will keep your pet happy and make sure that it receives all the love and care it needs to become happy and healthy.

The Good & Bad

No penalty for claimingIf your pet is older and has had multiple surgeries or a chronic issue, pet insurance won't do much
Cover for congenital, hereditary, and behavioral conditionsif your pet develops a chronic condition while covered, the company could drop your coverage
90% of claims are paid in 5 working daysIf you enroll, you may have to front the money for veterinary bills


Here are some complaints about Napo Pet Insurance

Types of Insurance Napo Pet Insurance Offers

  • Pet Insurance
  • Cat Insurance

Does ManyPets insurance go up every year?

Yes, you can expect the cost of the insurance coverage for your pet to increase each year. As a pet grows older, taking the necessary care for it will take more effort and supplies which is why many pet services including ManyPets will charge you according to the age of your pet.

How long does ManyPets claim processing take?

ManyPets aims to read and process most of the claims of their clients regarding their pets within 48 hours. To process the claims of some people, some additional information may be required so the claim may take longer than 48 hours to process.

Does ManyPets cover pet cancer?

Yes, ManyPets insurance covers pet cancer. However, if your pet already has cancer before purchasing the insurance or if it develops within the waiting period, your pet will not be eligible for ManyPets insurance coverage.

How do you use ManyPets?

Your pet can be treated at any licensed veterinarian or emergency clinic when you purchase a ManyPets insurance plan. ManyPets will contact you directly if you submit a claim. This process is very easy with ManyPets as compared to other pet services.

How do I cancel my ManyPets subscription?

If you are unsatisfied with the poor services or insurance plans of ManyPets, you can email or call the customer support team at ManyPets and they will help you to cancel your active policy for your pet.

Does ManyPets cover behavioral issues?

Yes, ManyPets does cover the behavioral issues of your pet. The health and happiness of your pet should not only be considered but also their physical health. That is why ManyPets offers its customers to help their pets with behavioral issues.

Does ManyPets cover Allergies?

Yes, ManyPets does cover the allergies of your pets. In 2021, ManyPets received 11,000 different claims of allergies and it helped resolve all of the cases.

You should transfer the money for your requests into the identical bank account that your contribution was deducted from if you decide to pay by direct debit.

You would need to choose an institution and provide the necessary details if you wish to settle using a new technique than the one shown on the claiming form.

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