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Home Protect is an independently owned home insurance specialized company with the mission of providing coverage to clients in a wide variety of unusual scenarios. AXA is the company that provides the underwriting for the HomeProtect homeowner’s insurance policy. People who have special personal needs or property that are not common might purchase policies that cater to their needs.

Clients who have a record of initiating many claims would fall into this category, as would those whose homes are located in locations prone to flooding. HomeProtect will cover a variety of unusual properties, including as barn conversions, listed structures, homes with subsidence, wood frame designs, and more.

In addition, they want to customize to a more comprehensive variety of clients, such as individuals with weak credit who are unable to get protection via other insurers. Getting a quotation from Home Protect is something you should consider doing if you have been turned down for homeowner’s insurance by another provider.

If the organization is unable to provide you with insurance coverage, they guarantee that they will, at the very least, provide you with a valid explanation. HomeProtect takes great satisfaction in the fact that it is inclusive and that it offers insurance options to a wider variety of consumers. This is wonderful news for homeowners that have unique insurance requirements. On the other hand, HomeProtect simply refers to inclusiveness in the context of insurance.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Home Protect was established in 2002 based on a straightforward mission statement to meet the protection needs of individuals who were being neglected by the residential insurance sector. Home Protect USA insurance has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. People who wish to develop or acquire a one-of-a-kind property, remodel an existing one, rent out their house, or leave it vacant are good candidates for our insurance services.

Home Protect Insurance USA warranty division, If obtaining homeowner’s insurance in the past has proven to be challenging for you, obtaining a quotation from Home Protect through their website will seem like a breath of fresh air to you. Even with a house insurance issue that has the potential to be fairly complicated, it is simple to apply and straightforward to comprehend.

Home Protect provides coverage for a wide variety of situations, some of which are as follows: residents of the home who have been convicted of a crime; buildings with an unordinary history, like a history of deformation, underlying, or flooding; and even situations in which the property in question is not the primary residence of the policyholder, such as a holiday house or the household of a deceased family member whose estate is going through the probate process.

Our Review

It seems that Home Protect insurance has set their customers’ satisfaction highly prioritized, based on the reviews that can be seen on Trustpilot and several other reviewing sites. These reviews have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Frontier Home insurance reviews and Rac Home insurance reviews are not as highly rated as HP insurance.

If you ever thought of making a call to their office and know some information then you don’t need to worry since they are always available to receive calls. They carry the conversation most interestingly and provide complete knowledge regarding the plan you want to choose. They make sure that the customer is heard and in case the customer is asking for a suggestion they ask for some details and give the best acceptable suggestion, they are really helpful in case you are looking for a prospective plan.

The fact that they let you know about all the information that might change in the future such as the raising of prices and restrictions of documentation. They provide you with the most smooth, flawless renewal, lots of notice in advance, and incredibly competitive pricing plans. Many users have stated that they just purchased homeowner’s insurance, and their quotation was the most affordable out of all the ones they looked for.

The purchase may be made with no difficulty at all and even without speaking to anybody, complete your papers online since all of the directions and information were presented there in a very simple manner.

The Good & Bad

Pros Cons
Homeprotect’s buildings home insurance is 5*-Defaqto-rated. You will have to pay an administration fee if you decide to amend your policy.
Homeprotect’s different cover options suit different requirements and budgets. You will have to pay a cancellation fee to terminate your policy after the 14-day cooling-off period.
Claims can be made online. Because too much hassle
Homeprotect’s home insurance policies can be enhanced with extra protection. Pay Money for changing a plan


Here are some complaints about HP Insurance

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Home Insurance

Who owns Home Protect insurance?

Trading under the title Home Protect, Avantia Insurance Limited is a third-party insurance broker that is privately owned and operated. The Financial Regulation Authority is in charge of overseeing Avantia’s operations. Axa Insurance is the company that is the underwriter for the insurance plans that we provide to consumers.

Why does Home Protect offer coverage when other insurance providers refuse?

We are aware that the value of your properties and the things housed inside them cannot be overstated. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to make sure that everyone, even those who have an Intelligent insurance review score that is not good, is protected and secure with us. When you call our sales staff or fill out a form on our website, we will do all in our power to provide you with an accurate price.

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How does home Insurance work?

When you get homeowner’s insurance, you are essentially purchasing a security net for your residence. If your house sustains destruction or is destroyed, the cost to restore or rebuild it might range anywhere from thousands to perhaps tens of thousands of dollars.

If you don’t have homeowners insurance, you’ll have to pay for all of those repairs out of your savings. However, if you have insurance, you may claim to have the damage paid for and get assistance in putting your dreams back together again.

Who underwrites HP insurance policies?

AXA insurance is the company that underwrites the policies.

What makes Home Protect Different?

Maybe if you have complicated circumstances associated with your property, such as the fact that it is unoccupied, that it has a history of subsidence, that you are getting in a renter, or that someone living there has a lawbreaker conviction, we make it simple for you to acquire a quote online through our website. Home Protect USA customer service is excellent.

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What are Home Protect cover options?

Buildings insurance from Property Protect comes with a five-star rating from Defaqto and provides coverage of up to one million pounds for the primary structure of a home in addition to its fixtures and fittings like carpeting. It protects against the loss or destruction of personal possessions, whether they are inside or outside the house, regardless of where they are located.

How do I opt out of automatic renewal?

Reaching our Customer Support team or logging into your online account will allow you to make adjustments to your renewal preferences. Something that may be performed at any time during the year; it is not limited to a particular season.

Frontier insurance reviews and Towergate insurance reviews show that they do not have this facility to stop your auto-renewal but Home Protect insurance has this facility.

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