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Flow is an online automobile insurance firm that focuses on offering its clients both yearly and variable monthly moving car insurance policies. Flow also offers annual car insurance policies. They have also expanded into supplying additional insurance services such as renters insurance, that enables tenants to obtain flexible contents protection through a rotating monthly subscription.

Among the changes the company has made to the insurance industry is the introduction of this product. The ability to make changes to your contract or quit it at any moment is one of the many advantages of purchasing auto insurance via Flow which is the best car insurance. Other advantages include the absence of costs for monthly instalments and long-term commitments.

Your claim-free status will not get you a reduction in your premium, which will always be determined by how many times you’ve filed claims in the past. Uninsured and comprehensive protection are both components of Flow’s standard policy. Your insurance premium will be lower if you have not made a significant number of claims recently.

The Flow auto insurance plan is a subscription service that is paid every month and meets a diverse range of requirements. You won’t be required to make any agreements or pay a yearly fee if you go with a monthly membership plan. Changes to the agreement or its termination are possible without prior notice at any time. In addition, Flow car insurance Uk gives you the ability to include or exclude drivers, modify your mileage, and even include other vehicles in your account.

Is it Safe and Legit?

In the year 2020, Flow made its debut on the insurance market in the United Kingdom as a registered brand belonging to its parent firm, LV= General Insurance Group. Try going with Flow for your auto insurance needs if you’re looking for a policy that will cut your costs without fail. The firm has been in operation since the year 1843 and provides a one-of-a-kind kind of auto insurance that can be customised to meet the requirements of each client.

Customers have the option to purchase additional coverage options such as unregistered driver and misfuelling insurance, and they can also take advantage of guaranteed premium costs for the initial month and the highest possible price for the subsequent three months. The Flow auto insurance policy is flexible insurance that makes the process of obtaining coverage considerably more straightforward.

The prices for Flow auto insurance are adjustable and determined depending on the individual’s circumstances as well as their claims history. You have the option of purchasing uninsured driver protection, hiring seat insurance, and misfuelling cover for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving or how old you are; you’re guaranteed a low annual car insurance fee regardless of these factors.

Our Review

According to reviews of Flow Car Insurance found on Google, this company has received some really poor ratings. According to users the purchase of the policy went smoothly, but after they tried to get a new car and tried to update their insurance policy to cover it, the drop-down menu didn’t include any vehicle. Because of this, customers have to make many complaints and yet they haven’t received any response for a long period.

They won’t be getting back to you via telephone unless or until you have to make any claim. Several reviews have guided people not to invest or make any transactions with them, especially online. Compared to the reviews of Flow insurance, the ratings for ABC Insurance and Aviva Car Insurance are much higher along with an Incredible level of service.

One of the most common problems was that many people had their queries and confusions and yet they still received their responses after weeks. Online transaction service is rated so poorly that it couldn’t even recognize user card details. Any sort of questions are not entertained by them unless it’s something of their interest, many people claim that after 2 to 3 attempts they were able to get along with the transaction.

The Good & Bad

Pros Cons
No admin fees No claims discount not available with this policy
No cancellation fees You are not covered to drive other cars
No interest on your premiums No call centre
No fees for changing your cover or details No claims discount protection


Here are some complaints about Flow insurance

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance

What insurance company is flow?

Flow is a trademarked brand held by LV= General Insurance Group, which is our parent business, and we are delighted to be a member of the LV= family of companies. Admiral car insurance and Flow insurance have many similarities.

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Is Flow part of LV?

We are delighted to become members of the LV= group since we can provide you with respectful contact centres headquartered in the United Kingdom whenever you need to file a claim, day or night.

According to the statistics collected between October 21 and September 22, we settle 99% of all claims. We are accommodating, which means that you are allowed to make modifications anytime you choose without incurring any mid-term adjustment costs.

Is Flow a black box?

Because we tailor your estimate to your specific situation at the moment, Flow Monthly is not telematics insurance, and you do not require a black box to be covered by it. You may also feel free to relax since there are no administrative or cancellation costs, as well as no interest charges on car insurance quotes.

Who underwrites flow?

Liverpool Victoria Insurance Corporation Limited is the company that provides coverage for flow insurance.

How many customers does Flow have?

As a result, we are prepared to not only meet but also exceed the aspirations of the five million clients we serve in Latin America as well as the Caribbean.

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Does flow insurance have a call centre?

Flow does not operate a call centre, therefore we will not send you a large amount of printed material in the mail. In comparison to insurers that rely on call centres, we offer reduced overhead costs and a smaller carbon footprint because we provide electronic insurance.

We can keep our prices competitive because we can pass these savings on to our consumers in the form of cheaper premiums.

How do I complain about flow?

You may send us an email with your complaint regarding Flow cars or renters, or you might write to us at the following address: Customer Services Management, LV=, County Gates. The claim will be handled in a timely and impartial manner while adhering to the standards set out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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