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Clearscore is an app for maintaining financial scores and providing guidance for managing credit cards, and loans, and keeping track of financial reports. We get so busy in our daily lives that we do not have enough time to organize our finances and that is why this is an app for exactly this purpose.

This company’s reviews from customers are mostly positive because it gives regular reports and advice for your financial plan without charging any fee. The fact that this company is so useful and informative for free makes it convenient and approachable for a lot of people. It can be used by everyone as it maintains the credit card score and improves the quality of choices that you make in the financial department.

This company helps make progress in your credit card score and helps direct you to a suitable pattern in finance and to choose a perfect credit card system for your business. Having an organized and up-to-date credit score and financial score is very important to maintain future goals.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, it is quite safe and legitimate. The service of the app has proven to be the most efficient and reliable source of keeping track of your financial report. Clearscore is legit because it has great customer service and is very informative in terms of checking the credit card score and providing reports regularly. It is safe and very reliable, providing all the sources of financial planning and knowledge without costing a penny. This is worth using as it directs you to a certain type of credit card system that is suitable for your lifestyle.

Customer service is fast and helpful so you can ask any questions or get assistance in solving any issue. This company checks your credit scores and it helps maintain a running and healthy financial loop by keeping you updated on every back and forth in your credit card.

It is the safest option to keep track of your credit card score and password so that they do not get leaked or misused on the Internet. you can sign up for free and verify your account to get this company identity check and password protection system.

Our Review

Overall 90% of the reviews from users say that a clearscore has helped them achieve higher credit scores and guided them to make better choices for their financial plans. All the users give it a credit review which is always positive and recommended by most of the users. However, 1 out of 10 people have reported some issues regarding misdirection of credit card choices but there is always an option of customer service available and they provide very quick service of resolving an issue.

Its customer service has won the hearts of many when it comes to providing quick action and giving complete reports of the reasons behind a problem. Multiple users have given five stars and left comments on the excellent service that this company is providing.

The free service also provides extra protection to the user and this company protection plus review by customers shows that it efficiently keeps track of any password leaks and keeps your identity protected from any outside misuse. It also keeps personal information and all the data safe from breaches and leaks.

The Good & Bad

Password and identity protectionRequires your personal information
Informative tips and suggestionsRelying on the service for your financial guidance
Boosts credit card scoreMisdirection for credit card choice
Free service and fast responseTechnical issues


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Types of Insurance it Offers

Is this company completely free?

Yes, the clearscore app given by customers proves that it is completely cost-free and provides reports of credit card and financial reports of its users.

Is the app safe?

This is the safest form of protecting your identity and passwords. The app is safe to use and provides protection against password leaking and keeps your data intact.

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Is It safe to link a bank account to this company?

Yes, it is completely safe if you decide to link your bank account to this company because there is 100% guaranteed protection for your privacy and personal information. This company does not have a policy of selling or trading your data and it stays safe.

Why is my clearscore credit score so low?

If you are not following the advice given by this company on paying your dues on time then your score can decrease. Because the more you delay a payment the less your credit score will be.

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