Aviva Home Insurance Reviews

Aviva home insurance covers various types of properties including homes,  apartments, etc. If your house gets flooded or gets caught by fire or any other natural disaster this home insurance got you covered. Aviva insurance also provides you with furniture and other items that got wasted due to incident which has happened in your home. 

But keep in my mind every insurance will have its policies You should get the insurance according to your needs. Aviva works for the satisfaction of the people. They have protected over 720,000 people’s homes. They believe in peace of mind and working for over three decades they have made extraordinary progress.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, It is safe and legit. If you need a trusted and recognizable insurance company in the UK. Aviva is the one you should go  for. You can change Aviva’s policy according to your needs. They have  fewer levels of policies compared to other insurance companies 

Aviva’s customer service is quick and efficient. They are dedicated to giving you full and accurate information about their insurance plans. Their  customer feedback says a lot about the good work they are doing. This is  the main reason they are one of the main leading home insurance  companies in England. 

There is no doubt that Aviva is the UK’s largest life insurer, with a share of the market of 20%.  Their unique position in the market allows them to support more than 12  million customers with products related to insurance, finance, and  retirement. 

Is Aviva good for home insurance? Yes, They are as the reviews  themselves speak for the company.

Our Review

They have proved to be the biggest home insurance company in the entire UK  covering about the 20% among all other UK insurance companies but keep in mind that not everything is perfect. They have good as well as reviews on their websites but Aviva works efficiently to neglect these problems. 

In some circumstances, these policies do not match people’s requirements but Aviva has the option to make your customs policies according to your needs and wants. This factor has extreme importance for the company’s reliability. Aviva has also paid out there 99.4 % of their life insurance claims.  

You can also apply for their services online and also face to face with a manager or direct face-to-face meeting. All of their terms and conditions are stated. Purchases can be done with no difficulty as everything is simple and clear.

The Good & Bad

Aviva provides you a repair service for your house do it can further be safe from any loss due to bad environment or any damage.One of the con’s of Aviva’s home insurance are their cancellation time period. You have to repeatedly go through may question to cancel their plan
Some customers reported very good experiences with Aviva's claims handling, give compliments to the company that they get their claim quickly and without any issue.
Aviva online home insurance review have been found that there online services extremely slow as it takes a lot of their time.
Aviva’s customer is extraordinary as well they are available to help 24/7 in any problem you are facing with your insurance.


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

What insurance company is Aviva?

London, England is the headquarters of Aviva plc, a British multinational insurance company. Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland are its three core markets.

How is Aviva performing?

It has been an excellent year for Aviva they double-digit their growth in general insurance plans.

Are avivagood at paying out?

Aviva has a good track of paying out. In 2021, they paid out 99.4 percent of their claims.

How does Aviva pay claims?

Aviva pays their claims electronically which is a much faster method than cash.

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What does its home insurance cover? 

They provide insurance for your home that covers physical structure damage that happens due to fire, theft, or any natural disaster. They also provide insurance for your personal belongings that are placed in your home such as furniture, electronic devices, etc. 

They also provide liability insurance if someone gets injured on your property for paying their medical bills etc. Your door keys are also insured if they are stolen or lost

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