Avanti Travel Insurance Reviews

Insurance is something many individuals require and this is UK based travel insurance company. Ticorp Limited is the parent company of Avanti travel insurance, which is a trading name of Ticorp Limited. They simply help individuals going on some abroad visits the visits can be a one-day visit or it can be of a whole year. This insurance company was founded back in 2009 so they have a lot of experience on their resumes. This is an award-winning insurance company.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, this is one of the most secure travel insurance companies. Its legitimacy can be judged by the fact that it is one of the award-winning insurance companies in the world. Almost all of the people who have reviewed this company are quite satisfied and they recommend this to other people as well. Insurance companies like this one are completely legitimate and safe.

Another fact is that this company has been serving since 2009 so the employees here are highly experienced and qualified. And whenever there is experience there is a sense of surety present.

Our Review

Just by looking at the amazing reviews, this company has and people can trust it easily. It has received extremely positive reviews from many users and me as well. This travel insurance is highly suitable for people who have some medical issues and they still have to move abroad for attending to some personal business etc. Another exciting factor about his insurance company is that its prices are not that high.

The employees of this amazing award-winning travel insurance company are always available for assistance. The employees here help people select the most suitable form of travel insurance they require. The company is legitimate and safe all you need to do is explore the company website and select suitable travel insurance. I will highly recommend this insurance. Another fact is that this company is serving humanity for almost 25 years so yes there is tons of experience available.

The Good & Bad

Annual and multi-trip policies are availableDistinguishing between the company's 10 travel insurance plans can be confusing
Every documentation is done onlineHave to visit the branch at least once
Great discounts for fluent flyersQuite expensive for new buyers


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Medical facilities
  • One-way trips
  • Double rounded trips

How do they operate?

The operations of this insurance company are quite simple. The main goal of this travel insurance company is to provide you with the required coverage by charging a minimal amount of money. They prioritize good and helpful customer service the experts working in this company always gives the user fair and to-the-point guidance so the customers can stop worrying about their insurance policies and start enjoying their trips and tours.

At this travel insurance they know that buying authentic and useful travel insurance is a hectic and tough task there are many companies out there who try to misguide the users but at Avanti, the staff always gives you an authentic piece of information regarding your policy. Travel insurance like this is one of the best on the market because of this.

What is the cooling-off period for Avanti insurance?

The cooling off period is only 14 days. The cooling-off period simply implies that if you want to cancel your travel insurance premium you can do it quite easily without any real trouble. There is a fourteen-day cooling-off period that should be kept in mind. If you cancel your travel, insurance premium within 14 days from the issuing date and there is solid evidence that you have not traveled then this given travel insurance company will fully refund your payment.

What are the benefits of Avanti travel insurance?

There are several benefits related to this travel insurance. One of the most beneficial insurance this company delivers is medi insurance. They have this exciting pre-health conditions coverage that is designed to give 24/7 support the people who have any kind of medical issue or accident while they are traveling. This Travel insurance gives its users the liberty to use an unlimited amount of money to deal with any kind of medical emergency.

Many other travel insurance companies can give you this kind of support but Avanti travel insurance is one of the best as this is one of the award-winning travel insurance companies. Moreover, this is quite safe and legitimate because they are in this business for almost 25 years.

What pre-existing medical conditions do a user need to declare?

The conditions are some cardiovascular conditions like cholesterol problems some clotting conditions and sometimes a prior brain hemorrhage can be listed as a pre-existing medical condition.

Any condition within two years of the period before the start of the insurance coverage can be listed as a pre-existing medical condition. It is always a good idea to let people know about your health conditions so that they can be prepared for anything at all times.

Who underwrites the Avanti insurance?

The company that insures Avanti insurance and gives them money during some kind of a loss is great lakes insurance which is a part of the well-known Argo group. This company is registered in a European country Germany and is involved in trading in the United Kingdom. In the world of insurance, every company is relying on big groups like the ergo group as a backup plan.

Although this travel insurance is one of the best and most legit travel insurances. Nevertheless, a certain company out there underwrites this amazing travel insurance company.

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