Akko Insurance Review

While AKKO Insurance was founded in 2019, you might not have known about them until recently. What kind of product insurance does AKKO provide, and who is AKKO? To get started, you must first register online, select a plan, and then submit your product description and associated photographs; you can always add or delete things later.

There are two AKKO plan choices. AKKO offers straightforward and cost-effective electronic device security. It offers the finest countrywide protection possible, and its vast network of repair shops ensures that anybody, everywhere, will have the best claims experience possible.

Is it Safe and Legit?

Yes, it is completely safe and legit, simply said! AKKO is rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot and is a valid, insured U.S. business backed by an “A” Rated insurer. In its early years, AKKO exclusively offered its distinctive protection plan to college students. This plan covers all of your qualified personal possessions for a single, low-cost monthly subscription. Akko started the process of having the identical fantastic protection plan recognized to market to anybody after collaborating with a few major college organizations.

You will receive the following benefits from AKKO:

  • No long lists of protections that are not included
  • The age of your property or previously owned goods is not restricted.
  • There is no protracted phone waits when you submit a claim or want assistance.
  • Also, there’s no need to wait weeks or months before getting your money back
  • No hidden fees.

Our Review

If it isn’t already clear from our AKKO phone coverage evaluation, we are quite pleased with both the pricing and the services they provide. They provide a thorough phone insurance plan, and you can easily join up and maintain your plan thanks to their consumer-friendly design.

Another subsidy is the Akko discount code, which will get you a percentage off if you possess the code. And as a grand finale of advice, we think AKKO is a terrific choice if you frequently damage or damage your phone or you simply enjoy the security of having insurance. Your phone might get misplaced or abandoned in one of the many restrooms that exist.

With the student price, this AKKO program is a value if you’re a learner or live with a student who has a lot of devices because you can cover up to 25 things for as little as $10 per month (paid annually)!

The Good & Bad

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytimeFor those who are unfamiliar with the subject, the insurance terminology might be complicated, but when compared to other programs, This one, in my opinion, makes it simpler to grasp what is included and what is not
You can save between 5 and 15% if you choose to pay annually. There are also reductions for students and families.Depending on your phone, it can cost more than some other insurance providers.


Here are some Insurance complaints

Types of Insurance it Offers

  • Phone-Only Plan: Covers one phone
  • Everything Protected Plan

What is the Akko phone-only plan?

  • Plan Duration: monthly/yearly
  • Price of plan: $6 – $12 /month ($5 – 11 /month if paid annually)
  • Reduction on damages: $29 – $99, depending on the phone model
  • Theft/replacement deductibles: $75 – $99, depending on the phone model
  • Claim limit: only covers losses if you choose a yearly plan, and it only covers up to one phone.

What is the Akko everything protected plan?

The Plan includes a variety of things, such as non-motorized personal mobility devices, technology, athletic and leisure equipment, clothing and accessories, hand-held machine tools, audio and music hardware, and classroom supplies.

  • Coverage length: Monthly/Yearly
  • Claim limits: Only one phone may be covered at a time, there is a $2,000 cap per incident unless you upgrade, and numerous goods are not covered (including furniture, automobiles, motorcycles, securities, artwork, firearms, and more).

Is Akko phone insurance any good?

Yes, they are very good. In fact, the plans offered by AKKO are so thorough that Investopedia called them the best mobile phone insurance in 2021, and they received 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. They’ve also gotten glowing ratings from Android Central and Gadget Review.

How does Akko compare to applecare?

Akko is much better. the cost of AppleCare for iPhones exceeds that of AKKO. Whilst AppleCare exclusively covers phones bought from Apple Refurbished, AKKO offers insurance for refurbished phones from any supplier, enables speedier repairs, and covers a range of device types under a single package. In the battle of Akko vs AppleCare, Akko takes the win.

How does Akko compare to Asurion?

Asurion’s standards and claim procedures are considerably more complicated. When compared to Asurion’s packages, AKKO’s are better. In Akko vs. Asurion, it comes down to user preference.

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